When to Speak With a Social Security Disability Lawyer

The question becomes, in case you get a disability lawyer before you even file for impairment, or before an answer is received by you on your application for disability? And also the reply, as we pointed out, is often no. Yet, there are cases in which early representation is a great alternative. And there are individuals who will undoubtedly have an advantage in being represented from the very minute that their case begins.

You must first understand the costs and benefits of having a lawyer on your side, in the event you’re thinking about hiring a handicap attorney to help with your Social Security case. The costs are fairly straightforward: handicap attorneys charge a fee regulated by federal law, which is usually the lesser of 25% of your disability back pay or $6,000. (Costs can improve in case your case goes to the Appeals Council or federal court, but typically, you won’t pay more than $6,000.) Little if any money is required an upfront if you win your case, and also you’re just charged a fee.

The advantages of hiring a disability attorney are many and worth going over in some detail. It’s also crucial that you consider at what phase of the process an attorney should get involved.

Why Hire a Disability Lawyer?

The most crucial reason to hire an attorney to assist with your disability case is that the odds of being approved are considerably increased. Data demonstrate that everything else being equal while it’s surely true that some people who implement on their own are approved for benefits, Social Security is more prone to approve an applicant who’s represented by legal counsel than one who isn’t.

From the initial application to the hearing level and beyond, disability lawyers understand the way to present a case in the light most favorable to their clients. On the first application, your lawyer can offer advice on your “alleged beginning date” of handicap, assert that your condition meets one of the listed impairments in Social Security’s “blue book,” and assist you to focus on the facts that may be most powerful to Social Security. At the reconsideration and hearing levels (the first and second level of appeal in most states), your attorney can accumulate and submit applicable medical evidence, obtain an opinion from your doctor, draft a detailed brief to the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), and prepare you for the judge’s questions at the hearing. Your solicitor will also evoke helpful testimony from you at the hearing and can cross-examine the Vocational Expert or Medical Pro to illustrate that you just are incapable of working.

At the next stages of the Appeals Council, appeal and federal court, your lawyer can craft sophisticated legal arguments to show that Social Security incorrectly denied your case.

How Can a Social Security Disability Lawyer Help Me File a Claim?

Nearly 60 percent of all first-time applicants are initially refused disability benefits, and close to 90 percent of applicants seek assistance from a representative at some point in the method. The process of applying and appealing denied claims is commonly complicated, along with the likelihood of success are far greater with the aid of an experienced Social Security disability lawyer.

Keeping a disability lawyer help avert denials based on technicalities or other errors that are common and can raise your odds of approval. A disability lawyer can help gather information essential to your claim’s success and make certain you complete the steps necessary for obtaining advantages.

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In case you employ a Social Security Disability lawyer to aid by means of your claim, she or he will guide you get through the following procedure:


Preparing your claim, that will comprise other essential information and collecting records, is an essential portion of the claims process. Legal counsel can help collect the documentation needed to substantiate your claim, for example, personal information (including advice on your own kids or spouse); military info, if relevant; IRS forms; bank account info; addresses and phone numbers; comprehensive medical records and referrals; medication history; a list of past employment history; and info on other disability claims, if applicable.

You’ll be asked to submit extensive documentation to the SSA, and determining which info is required for your claim may be a tough procedure. A disability lawyer is able to help ensure your claim fills the SSA’s requirements, which can help expedite the application process. They may also assist in assembling files that you are unable to get all on your own.


A lawyer can keep tabs on the status of your claim, alert you to any requests for new advice, and speak with Social Security Administration (SSA) representatives on your own behalf to answer questions that will arise regarding your application. At Morgan & Morgan, we know that many applicants work and care for their families and may not have as their claim is reviewed by it, the time needed to handle the SSA.

Finalizing a Claim

Your disability lawyer will review the SSA’s calculations to determine if any errors were made or if any vital information was missed if your disability claim is approved. She or he will even address any questions you might have concerning your new gains.


In case your application for benefits was not approved, maybe you are able to file an appeal with a lawyer.